Advanced Medical & Wellness Center
Advanced Medical & Wellness Center

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Advanced Medical & Wellness Center

AMWC Staff

Displayed are our staff here at Advanced Medical & Wellness Center. We maintain an outstanding team of advanced specialist in their own fields. You can trust our team of specialist at AMWC because we all agree, We promise your health first!

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Dr. Derek Black D.C.

AMWC Staff - Dr. Derek Black D.C.

Dr. Justin Vinson D.C.

AMWC Staff - Dr. Justin Vinson D.C.

Dr. David Kerns

AMWC Staff - Dr. David Kerns

Erin Newkirk

AMWC Staff - Erin Newkirk

Robert McNeal ATC

AMWC Staff - Robert McNeal

Scott Pritt PT

AMWC Staff - Scott Pritt PT

Song-Hwi Chi

AMWC Staff - Song-Hwi Chi