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General Health & Wellness

Avoid Second Hand Smoke

Stay away from second hand smoke! Recent research has linked secondhand smoke to cardiac arrhythmia. Exposure to secondhand smoke on a continuous basis may trigger changes in the heart’s electrical activity. In the study the researchers discovered that mice with continuous exposure to secondhand smoke from tobacco were more likely to develop a condition known as Cardiac Alternans. This condition is a predictor of future cardiac arrhythmia and sudden cardiac death. Dr. Crystal Ripplinger (the lead author for this study) wrote “Smoking is still a leading cause of preventable illness in the US, and bystanders are still exposed to smoking in cars, homes, casinos, and when they travel to places with fewer tobacco-smoke protections… it’s important to continually define the health effects of those unintended exposures.”

Source- Environmental Health Perspectives in 2018.

Diabetes Drugs & Heart Risks

Some Diabetes drugs may increase heart risks. Two of the more common classes of meds used to lower blood sugar levels among people afflicted with type 2 diabetes appear to raise the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and heart failures. When analyzing the data collected on over 130,000 adults with type 2 diabetes, it was found that sulfonylureas is associated with a 36% greater risk of heart related complications, while basal insulin almost doubles the risk for heart disease and stroke. The information here suggests that the control of type 2 diabetes through diet and exercise is all the more important.

Source - JAMA in 2018.

Diabetes Drugs and Heart Risks

Obesity & Cancer

Cancers and Obesity InformationObesity can be responsible for almost 4% of cancers. Researchers concluded that excess body weight (not just its complications) accounted for 3.9% of all cancers WORLDWIDE in 2012. The report also states that policies, economic factors, and marketing practices that promote high total energy intake combined with insufficient physical activity levels will most certainly increase rates of obesity AND cancer for decades to come.

Source - CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians in 2018.