Advanced Medical & Wellness Center
Advanced Medical & Wellness Center

3060 Dayton Xenia Rd Suite # A, Beavercreek OH

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Advanced Medical & Wellness Center

Common Treatments

Chiropractic is a wide reaching field with many avenues to take on the way to wellness. At the AMWC we offer the most wide ranging professional Chiropractic and Medical treatments available in the greater metro Dayton area, to include the following:

● Acupuncture ● Dry Needling ● Pressure Point Therapy
● Advocare Products ● FAA Comprehensive Medical Exams ● PRP Injections (Protein Rich Plasma)
● Auto-accident Care ● Ice Massage ● Sports Physicals
● Botox ● Laser Therapy ● Stem Cell Injections (for joint regeneration)
● CBD oil ● Muscle Energy Technique (performed by our PT department) ● Tens Units
● Chiropractic (manual adjustment, activator, flexion-distraction, Sacro-occipital Technique) ● Nutritional Supplements ● Therapeutic Ultrasound
● Physical Therapy (both on dry land and in a heated pool!) ● Pain Relief Products ● Traction/Decompression
● Cosmetic Fillers ● Personal Injury Care ● Work place physicals
● Cupping ● Professional Massage ● Workman’s comp
● Customized Orthotics ● Posture Aids  
● Digital X-rays ● Pregnancy Care  

Advanced Medical & Wellness Center