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Symptoms of FibromyalgiaImagine having to live with fatigue and radiating, gnawing, shooting or burning joint pain all the time. Imagine your body full of “tender points” on your neck, shoulders, chest, rib cage, lower back, thighs, knees, elbows and buttocks along with increased sensitivity to pain, heat, cold, touch and bright lights. Also fibromyalgia is associated with sleeplessness, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, irritable bladder (interstitial cystitis), “brain fog,” depression and/or anxiety.

Are women affected more by Fibromyalgia? Simple put, yes. The majority of suffers from fibromyalgia are women, and the reason for that is not yet understood, not is the cause. Also unknown is the reason the number of sufferers are growing?

What can Fibromyalgia suffers do? The medical profession is at Migraina loss when confronted with fibromyalgia. Some consider it to be of genetic origin; however, no disease is purely genetic-there must be environmental triggers.

Fibromyalgia Headache

What is the Chiropractic approach to Fibromyalgia? More and more suffers are turning to the drug-free, natural chiropractic approach. Why? Because chiropractic gets results. The role of your doctor of chiropractic is to free you from a sever form of stress found in your body: the subluxation. A subluxation is a distortion of your spine and body structure that stresses your brain, spinal cord, nerves, joints, ligaments, muscles, internal organs and other tissues. Subluxations cause disturbed body function, loss of wholeness, lowered resistance to disease, lack of energy, loss of height and premature aging. Surprisingly, a subluxation may be painless; you can have one for years and never know it while it damages your health. Over 100 years of clinical observations have revealed that subluxations can affect your physical and mental health.