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Walking and Your Health

Walk your limitations away - No, seriously go for a walk. Why are you still reading this? Well if you insist on finishing this then let me tell you about a recent study published in the Preventative Medicine Journal. A 2 year study following over 1,400 senior citizens with a history of arthritis researchers observed and measured those who walked at least 10 minutes a week and those who didn’t. They concluded those who did the walking were HALF as likely to develop limitations in respect to walking 3 blocks, climbing stairs, stooping/kneeling, reaching overhead, or grasping. In essence they were reducing their functional limitations. Ok, so now you should go for a walk.

Source: Preventative Medicine Journal

Compression Socks and Athletic Performance

Compression socks increase athletic performance? In a recent study, researchers measured fatigue levels of female soccer players with or without compression stockings and found something interesting. Those that wore compression during the games exhibited greater agility and improved lower limb muscle endurance. Dr. Anthony Leight, who was a part of the research team, wrote “Soccer is a demanding sport in term of fatigue-related muscle damage that can significantly influence match performance. Anything that can prevent or delay this damage and/or change in performance could be an advantage. The study provides evidence of the practical benefits of compression stockings that may assist specifically female athletes.”

Source: James Cook University in 2018.


Seniors Dance!

Dancing shows health benefits for seniorsGet out there and Dance! A new study which looked at over 1,000 senior women, those who participated in a dance program for eight year had a 73% reduced risk for developing a disability that impaired their ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs). The lead author of the study writes “Although it is unclear why dancing alone reduced the risk of ADL disability, dancing requires not only balance, strength, and endurance ability, but motion, and memory for choreography.”

Source - Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports in 2018.

Parkinson's and Exercise

Parkinson's and ExerciseHelping patients with Parkinson’s Disease: Current research is suggesting that physical exercise such as aerobics, treadmill exercises, dancing, traditional Chinese exercise, yoga, or resistance training can improve both motor AND non-motor symptoms in patients with Parkinson’s Disease. These results were so promising that more research is currently underway.

Source - Indian Academy of Neurology in 2018.

Have you hit a fitness plateau?

How to avoid a Fitness PlateauTo keep your workouts fresh and avoid a plateau in your fitness plan/routine, the American Council on Exercise recommends switching up your exercise routine regularly. Try increasing the intensity to a new degree, completely change your equipment (dumbbells vs machine vs body weight), change your environment (indoors vs outdoors), trying new exercises.

Source - American Council on Exercise in 2018.